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Our loved ones are always around us at our times of need. Look for the signs.

I always get asked how I see those that have passed over. To be honest, its never been a choice and I am happy to leave this gift to the mediums, but when they show me something it's because I need to see or hear it. Visitors always seem to personally come to me in the shower... where I am relaxed and open. (I am hoping they cant see me hahaha)

Thanks to the amazing Anthony Grzelka, who told me that what I was doing was scrying, I was able to learn more how to embrace this instead of fear it. It was quite spooky initially to see things in the water. Sometimes it was like a movie... I've seen animals, spiritual teachers, angels and most of all people. I can see things in water or shiny things, as well as in my mind. I don't always get a message but I see. Family seems to come through so very much for me.

It's only been a few times that I have been allowed to take pictures of what I see, and I do believe it was so that I could show others, as these pictures helped my mother alot.

My grandfather Giovanni

This is a special one for me. During a difficult family time a few years back, I was in the shower and I was very emotional asking for help. I was always very close to my grandfather, even though he lived in Italy and I was in Australia. He was such a beautiful soul and one that I truly loved. He appeared to me on the shower floor in the water. I felt what he was saying, without hearing. I knew he was telling me that all would be ok and that he and the family were helping. I reached out for my ipad that was sitting on the bathroom cupboard and didnt take my eyes off his face the whole time. He stayed and let me take 4 photos. The first one was the clearest, but he had already began to fade. He was crystal clear before I took the first. The second shows how he was fading and the other two were very minimal, so I didnt add them. The darkness around his eyes is very prodomenent in the family and he had them, as well as many other family members. When my mother saw this picture she recognised him instantly.

He has always been with me and I really believe that this was his way to reassure me and help me at my time of need.

Our loved ones come to us but its not always necessarily as clear as this. Sometimes they show themselves, even in dreams. Other times we may hear a song that reminds us of them, or even hear a song they use to love. We can smell them or even just know that they are with us.

Sometimes when I am in the shower, I'll randomly start to sing a beautiful song that reminds me of my grandfather, its in italian and called 'rose rosse per te', which is red roses for you. I sing it loud with joy as I feel his presence... hopefully the neighbours dont hear lol

Your loved ones are always around you, you will feel them. Know that they love you and support you. At your time of need, they rally around to help all they can.

I hope these photos show you that through all the barriers we feel, they are with us with love 💕

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Rose 💕

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