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An Inside Job

A practical guide to finding your true self

Don’t be disillusioned into thinking life is against you.

From childhood abuse to failed relationships and attracting tough lessons in life, Rose Monaco thought she was never going to catch a break until she understood that she was the obstacle. Her own happiness was an inside job and no one or nothing could control that.

This realisation is the ‘aha moment’ we all need to appreciate fully how blessed we are and to make the most of our fleeting time on this planet – our happiness is dependent on no one but ourselves.

Rose, an experienced life coach, maps out a series of levels through which you can take charge of your life to let the real you emerge in blinding clarity and unapologetic joy.

An Inside Job will help you see patterns of behaviour that are counter-productive to your development and give you the tools to confront and break free of these habits.

As you become aware of these levels you shed the thoughts and persona that no longer serve you and gradually your true self emerges. Through positive affirmations and a burning desire to be the best you can, Rose urges us to dream, to trust this dream and to allow ourselves to evolve to become the dream.

Rose’s defining dream was to be happy, a goal she has not only achieved for herself but is helping many others to attain worldwide.

Book is available on most online bookshops Worldwide 

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