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Rose's beautiful tarot deck 'The Magician' is now available to purchase.  These are limited stock.

This new tarot deck was created with infused new energy.  Some cards have been replaced with a more modern way of viewing its meaning, making them easier to read and learn.  All old energy has been removed and transformed into a deck that can guide you on your journey in life.  They serve like a GPS guiding you along the way, showing you the obstacles and challenges so you are better able to maneuver through them.

With 20 years of experience in teaching and using the tarot, Rose learnt and felt the depth and value of each card. Together with her angelic guidance, she created 'The Magician'.  The one with the tools in hand, and successfully using them with a deeper spiritual understanding and growing clarity.


Rose worked very closely with her artist Sean Nicholls Illustrations so her vision of each card was beautifully created. 

You can see these beautiful cards on Rose's Social Media - Facebook page 'Rose Monaco - Believe The Best Is Yet To Come' and on her Instagram @rose_monaco_official during her live readings, Card of the Day, and cards for you to choose every Sunday.

Order this limited edition tarot deck today!  

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