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About Rose

Author - 'An Inside Job' & 'The Magician' Tarot 

Spiritual Mentor & Teacher

Life Transformation Coach

Tarot Master

Rose Monaco, is an international Author of “An Inside Job – A practical guide to finding your true self” and her beautiful tarot deck “The Magician”.  She is a Tarot Master and sometimes referred to as the Angel Lady.


Rose has been called a life changer.  Having transformed her own life, she now assists others to trust in themselves and change their lives.

With her strong intuitive insights, her compassion, and cheerful personality, Rose gives messages of hope and inspires us all to work with the Universe to manifest the life we truly want. She helps you to see your potential within yourself, It’s an inside job!


Rose has a Podcast, “An Inside Job with Rose”.  She was nominated to the The Women of Influence Podcast and is #26 for '100 Women in 100 Days' . Her passion has always been to help others in finding their voice, honour who they are, and allow themselves to be open to receiving what they deserve in life.


Rose believes, that 'working on our past  is something we must do and not avoid.  Understanding our past helps us to identify the cords that are controlling our life, preventing us in progressing on our journey .  Rewiring our thoughts and patterns help us change our perspective and then it gives us the opportunity to really embrace life-change in a positive way.'

With over 25 years of experience and a world wide audience, Rose’s own personal growth inspires others to also grow and find their own value. Through her own personal traumas, Rose chose to work within to heal and take back her own power, and create the life she wished for growing up.  Past traumas always have a way of resurfacing, but if we peel back the layers and heal them, we create a new version of ourselves. This takes time, effort, commitment, and love. It's no one else's job but our own.


Believe the best is yet to come.

Rose lives in Perth, Western Australia, is a mum and a nanna. When she’s not teaching, writing, or podcasting, Rose is crocheting, enjoying gatherings with family and friends, enjoying being out in nature, and loves to cook up a storm whilst dancing to some good tunes in the kitchen.


Something to think about... 

What you put out comes back to you. Put out genuine positive energy and genuine positive energy finds its way back to you.  It all starts with you.

Your life is an inside job!

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