Rose did live readings every week on Facebook, where her videos are, however has recently moved her work to Patreon.


Rose is live every week on her Patreon Page where she does readings for her Community. She provides weekly readings and Zodiac readings every week. Rose also provides Insight videos, and live monthly 'Cuppa and chat' sessions, which are channeled guidance to her community. Through her life experiences, she shares her thoughts, inspiring people to living their best life.


Rose has helped many through these sessions of support and hope when times hit difficult times.  


To be a part of this, go to her Patreon and subscribe to her work. Subscriptions help her to provide her inspirational Podcasts and work to help others on their journey.  Patreons get early release of her Podcast 'An Inside Job with Rose' ! Future classes will run on Patreon in 2022!