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This is not your average Tarot course! This is one that will leave an imprint of the tarot within you as it has done for me.

When the Angels decided it was time, tarot entered my life! It began at a young age and slowly I became acquainted with them, but they held such a stigma of fear and over time I felt the shift coming, where it could be seen as such a helpful tool to navigate life with. I'm in my 50's now and the final download was when I designed my very own tarot deck where it was infused with the new energy. 'The Magician' tarot deck.

So, what is the new energy? 

This is where the tarot becomes a part of your life,  it vibrates with your energy and becomes your personal companion.  It connects to you with guidance, love, and understanding of what's happening on your journey and how to navigate through it.  With no fear or negative stigma, it brings out your intuition and guides it.  I don't believe in fortune telling, and never have.  Over the years, I've been told so much that never eventuated, and I thought it was the reader... but no, we are always in control of our lives so we can be guided, but we are the ones that take that final step. I believe we are all universally connected, some more than others because of their belief systems, but we are all one.  I love to teach you to not just connect to your intuition but be guided by it. Trusting in yourself and your power to take action in your own life.

* The new energy is love * 

With over 25 years of Tarot Reading & Teaching experience, and the creator of the new energy tarot deck, 'The Magician', I have been called a Tarot Master.  It felt strange to be called this but once it was explained to me, I understood.  I have learned, used, taught, designed and mastered the tarot in a way to not just guide but help people.  Being of service has always been my gift.


I am proud to be a Professional Member of 'The Tarot Guild of Australia'  and have done live readings at live events, radio, and on my social media platforms: Facebook & Instagram, including my own community on my Patreon.


I feel that I excel in my gifts when I teach, as I am guided by Spirit and the Angels during classes.  Classes are usually sold out upon opening so don't miss out!


You can be a part of my NEW ONLINE delivery that will be done through my Patreon Platform beginning on the 11/11/2022.


You will learn about each card individually. 

Every card tells a story and the way I was guided to learn has been a wonderful way of teaching that you will never need your book!! You will learn the energy of each card and what it represents and what its communicating with you.

The Fools Journey

The 22 Major Arcana holds a beautiful story of the journey of the Seeker and the lessons that are learned in this journey of life.

The Minor Arcana

The Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Working through each suit understanding the Zodiac energy that influences them and the precious information they give us  on our journey.

The Power of the Court Cards

The characteristics of these beautiful cards: personality, qualities, what makes them tick! They can represent the people in your life, and/or those you may cross paths with.  They also hold great guidance.

Symbols & Colours

The symbols and colours have meaning in the tarot.  When we intuitively read, these aspects can stand out and they will be important to know.

Spreads to help you receive the message you are needing.

I will show you many spreads that you can use daily, monthly, yearly.  For relationships, career, self growth.  Its great to have a spread for reading, but it can feel intimidating on reading them.  I will show you how.

Start your own Tarot Reading Business

I will share my knowledge of having your own tarot reading business.  What you need to start up your very own business with confidence.

6 Month Access

When you purchase these Masterclasses, you get more than this.  You will have access to the cards of the week, Zodiac cards of the week that I put up for my Patreons.  We will also have monthly live masterclass in Zoom where you will get to practice reading for others. These are in-depth masterclasses and you will have access to all the videos in your own tarot community for 6 months!

This is a certified course.

At the end of this course, you will receive undergo an assessment and gain a Certificate of Completion. 

So are you ready to learn the Tarot?

Register now! You will receive an Email from Rose with all the instructions to begin your journey into the Tarot that commences on the 11/11/2022.  As this will be the first ever Patreon delivery!

for 11/11/2022

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