With over 20 years of Tarot Reading & Teaching experience and the creator of the new energy tarot deck, 'The Magician', Rose has been called a Tarot Master.  She has been reading tarot on her Facebook page 'Rose Monaco - Believe the best is yet to come' since 2012 and on live stream since 2017. Teaching is where she excels, and now you have the opportunity to be taught by her.

Rose's classes are usually in a group setting face to face but are now being brought online to be taught in as a group and now offers one on one learning where you can ask questions along the way.

Rose's many years of experience and channeling of guidance, helped her to create her own tarot that radiates the gentle new energy that her Angels are helping her bring forward.  People, nature, and our environment has all changed and evolved, why would we think that the tarot's old energy would remain the same?

Rose takes you on the Journey of the Seeker, learning and experiencing one tarot card at a time, learning becoming a part of the tarot so you can easily read without needing to pick up the book.

You may be a beginner, wanting to know what the cards mean, or be experienced but need a refresher, a different point of view to expand your readings. Maybe you are ready to take on the adventure and learn the tarot so you can share your gifts too! These tarot school sessions cater all.

Rose's teachings give you the confidence in picking up your own deck and being able to read for yourself and others.  The colours, symbols, the cards speak volumes, but knowing how to be open and connected will help you to see which part is speaking to you. 

Be a part of a group or stand alone and choose the time to learn that fits your life.  

Videos are available for you to go back and refer to and also I will share some of my favourite spreads with you.

Are you ready?



Online Tarot Classes Available

 by Zoom - Video 


1-on-1  Tarot Classes Available

Online - Zoom - Video 

In Person -  in Perth WA


SEPTEMBER 2022 - now open for registration.

Face to Face Tarot Classes in Perth Western Australia booked out until September 2022.  Expression of interest for next classes in September 2022 now open.  Apply HERE