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Rose Monaco cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on her services to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. Rose Monaco is not a qualified legal, financial, or medical professional, and if your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Tarot/Oracle readings or Mentoring Session cannot replace qualified mental health care.
Rose Monaco's services are aimed to empower you to make your own best choices. Rose Monaco cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of her sessions. You are completely responsible for any actions you take after her Tarot/Oracle Reading or Mentoring Session with you.  
Rose Monaco does not believe in fortune telling and only provides the space for insight, guidance, or as a facilitator. Her hope is to help you trust and follow in your inner voice.
Services are not available for those under the age of 18 years old, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
All Readings & Services are confidential.  


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