An Inside Job Retreat 2019 in Ubud


A great big thank you for a wonderful retreat.  It was the best thing for me at this time in my life. Your book is amazing but being able to learn the 5 levels of awareness directly with you was fantastic.  I was able to learn a lot about myself and let so much go from the past. For anyone thinking about joining, do it! It will change your life.


My experience on An Inside Job with Rose Monaco at Bali (Ubud) Is life changing. It helped me to let go of old patterns and thoughts. I'm now sleeping better and my relationship with my direct family is so much more peaceful, loving and acceptable. My life in general is much easier. I have more hope ,love and gratitude in my daily living. Thank you to my Angels for guiding me on the right path and working through Rose to help people like me xxx


I had an amazing experience in Ubud, Bali, I did not know anyone attending Rose's retreat but I was made to feel like family the instant I got there. The villa we stayed at was beautiful, Rose made sure that we were all comfortable and well fed. When I decided to join Rose at her retreat, I had no idea of what to expect, I was extremely happy to be able to experience such wonderful healing sessions,I benefited from our meditations, healing sound and classes so much, each one gave me exactly what I needed that day. I hands down, recommend joining Rose at one of her retreats, you will feel appreciated and loved.


Rose's retreat in Bali was amazing!!! The minute we arrived at B.Saya Rose, Victoria, and Ena were there to greet us. I felt welcomed right from the start. I loved Rose's classes about her book. I loved meeting new people that would become our tribe. This retreat was so much more than I could have ever expected. Rose is a beautiful lady inside and out!!! An enormous thank you to Rose, and everyone for including me in this awesome journey! I will never forget Bali and all the beautiful friends I made! Miss you all and lots of love!!!


I recently attended Rose Monaco’s retreat in Bali and it completely opened my eyes to a whole new outlook on my life. I have always been open minded and thought I had a good handle on life but Rose showed us a deeper understanding of ourselves. With the tools she shared with our group and the beautiful friendships that were formed, I walked away from this experience even more enlightened to walk my path. I know that with the bonds of my tribe and lessons I have learned, I have a different perspective now. Thank you so much Rose for sharing this experience with us. I am forever grateful.


After attending Rose’s book launch and workshop in Ubud,Bali, all I can say is wow! One of the best experiences of my (long) life. I went along to be a helper/ healer with my Reiki, but got so much more. I had previously had the honour of reading her book, but being with her teaching from it magnified its power 100 times. She has lived the lessons,every one of them, so her teaching comes from personal experience and heart.
The book has the power to change your life, if I were rich I would buy copies for the whole world. Do yourself a favour and buy the book,and if at all possible, join one of her upcoming retreats, I promise you wont regret a second of it.


The workshop was planned in a way that optimised this opportunity. A blend of knowledge, life experience and exercises from Rose combined with various forms of healing interspersed throughout the workshop. I would highly recommend this retreat led by Rose as a gift to yourself to live and love your life more fully and with joy. It really is an"Inside Job". I am very proud to have been able to participate and support this first retreat by Rose Monaco. 


My retreat in Bali with Rose and the amazing group of people who attended was quite literally life changing. I now have a greater appreciation and gratitude for my own journey, in the knowledge that I have been given the tools to build my life in a positive and constructive way. The workshops with Rose have allowed me to welcome change, looking forward to what comes next with excitement rather than apprehension. It was such a supportive and loving environment to open yourself up to and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Sean x


Magical setting, beautiful people and Rose was simply amazing.
“An inside job” retreat has been an eye opening experience and I highly recommend it.
Thanks to Rose and everyone involved, looking forward to incorporate the many insights into my journey of personal growth.



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