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About 'An Inside Job' read here

VENUE: Naravi Margaret River WA

This retreat is based on Rose's book 'An Inside Job' that has helped many people worldwide. Rose will give you the tools to confront and break free of old patterns, robotic habits, peeling away the layers to free the you that you were meant to be.

‘An Inside Job’ retreat takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in a place where all is done for you, giving you room and opportunity to focus on you., removes your distractions, gives you the space and the right environment to focus just on you. Your well being.  The importance of 'Me-Time', is a gift you give yourself. A chance to grow and become your own Version 2.0.


When was the last time you did that?  Really focused on yourself. Gave you the time, energy, love, and TLC, you needed? I get you! I didn’t do it either.  I always placed obstacles in the way, but realised it was because I was too afraid to focus on me. 


We all have some deep seeded fear that if we open the can or worms, we may not be able to put them back. And this is why this retreat is perfect! You don’t want to put those slippery suckers back in… they need to be free.  Shedding layers is liberating. 


Taking care of you is paramount to improve your existence!

It changed many in the first retreat based on this book in October 2019! Will you be next? Read the Testimonials - TESTIMONIALS


Join Rose for this amazing retreat nestled amongst the beautiful jarrah forest, in this 5 days (4 nights) retreat that includes;

- Rose's Daily Classes

- Sound Healing Sessions daily & New Moon/Fire ceremony with Gareth Mansell (see below)

- Reiki practitioners to help as you open up and let go.

- A unique Guidance Tarot/Angel Reading (Channeled by Rose exclusively for each participants)

- Beautiful Accommodation

- Delicious meals including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners - morning and afternoon tea) daily,

- Naravi also has a pool & wifi, and much much more.


You will also received a GIFT TOTE BAG full of treats such as: a signed 'An Inside Job' book, notebook, pen, 'An Inside Job' t-shirt, crystal, and more special gifts!!


At retreat, we will have practitioners that will be available for private sessions such as Healings, Tarot Readings, and much more for you to take part in. (These services are not included in costings but are very affordable as a special for this retreat) and bookings will be available once you are there.


I'm now accepting 'Booking Requests'. As venue has different room configurations, there are different prices so please see details below.

Gareth Mansell.jpeg

Gareth Mansell


Creating a safe space for people to open up and heal is the most natural thing in the world for me to do. My intention is always freedom and peace for all of life. To date I have done over 3000 personal healings, assisting people to heal deep traumas and realign with their higher self.  My sessions focus upon heart healing and universal wisdom, using a combination shamanic guidance, lightwork and sound - including didgeridoo, drumming, flute and singing. At our core we all need the same medicine, which is unconditional love and to be heard.

Victoria & Ena


“Hello I’m Victoria Nolan - a Reiki Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, and a Healer.

I have worked as a Reiki practitioner for 4 years and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be able to work with Rose on retreats, and I also work in my own private practice. 

At this retreat, I will work together with fellow Reiki Practitioner Ena Vinciguerra, as this intensifies the energy and healing provided.  This energy helps support you through the growth and change that this retreat has the ability to create.  As we hold the healing space from the sidelines, it allows Rose to concentrate on her classes. Reiki will help you energetically release the old and help bring in the new.  This is vital as you shed what no longer serves you. 

I look forward to the opportunity to be with you in an awesome setting to share this great gift you deserve.”


“Hi, I’m Ena, a Reiki practitioner.  Initially learned to help a bestie with cancer, but found it was so much more.  I have many success stories, helping family and friends, near and far, using the remote technique and hands on.”




Room Type (more information): View rooms information HERE



SOLD Bedroom 1 - 1 x King Bed - 1-2 people

Single: $3,000 Room to yourself OR Shared: $2,600 Each

SOLD Bedroom 2 - 1 x KB (2 x SB) & 1 x QB - 1-2 people

Single: $2,800 Room to yourself OR Shared (2): $2,500 Each OR Shared (3): $2,300 Each

SOLD Bedroom 3 - 1 x KB (2 x SB) & 1 x SB - 2 - 3 people

- Single: $2,800 Room to yourself OR Shared (2): $2,500 Each OR Shared (3): $2,300 Each

SOLD Bedroom 4 - 1 x King Bed - 1-2 people

Single: $2,900 Room to yourself OR Shared: $2,600 Each

SOLD Bedroom 5 - 1 x KB (2 x SB) - 1-2 people

Single: $2,900 Room to yourself OR Shared: $2,600 Each




2 King Bed Rooms - Each King Bed can be split into 2 Single Beds.

Cottage 1

Whole Cottage: - SOLD


Cottage 2

Bedroom 1 - SOLD

Bedroom 2 -

Single: $2,800 1 Room to yourself

Shared (2): $2,500 Each

Shared (3): $2,300 Each

Shared (4): $2,100 Each

Whole Cottage: $3,500


Cottage 3

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Single: $2,800 1 Room to yourself

Shared (2): $2,500 Each

Shared (3): $2,300 Each

Shared (4): $2,100 Each

Whole Cottage: $3,500


Cottage 4

Whole Cottage: $3,500  SOLD




Forest Trees

Photos from Bali 2019

We captured some amazing photos on 'An Inside Job' Retreat in Bali 2019


Photos from  Yallingup 2020

Loved our 'The Magician Tarot'

Retreat in Yallingup.